Experience Academy was built by a team of experienced professionals who not only have a passion for customers and employees, but also a proven track record of creating change within businesses. In other words, we are practitioners who have a track record of success with implementing the strategies that you will learn in Experience Academy.

Our founder, Michel Falcon, has a unique story that you may be able to relate to.

Michel started his career earning $10 an hour working within the contact centre of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, a company that is one of North America’s greatest entrepreneurial success stories. It was early in his career that Michel recognized that billion dollar companies were growing by having a world-class customer and employee experience. He immediately identified that this field was going to be his niche and, one day, he would become a recognized consultant and keynote speaker.

He realized that if he wanted to be taken seriously, he would need to develop a track record of creating change within companies, while studying the top brands that excel in delivering a strong customer and employee experience. After thousands of hours of studying companies like Apple, Amazon, Zappos, WestJet, and Southwest Airlines, and applying his knowledge to create change within 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Michel left the company to pursue and accomplish his career goal.

Before the age of 30, Michel has been hired by companies including Verizon Wireless, BlueCross BlueShield, Tim Hortons, Tangerine Bank, and many more to help them improve their customer experience. His thoughts have been included in publications such as Time Magazine, Inc., Digiday.com, Yahoo Small Business Advisors, and Yahoo Finance.

By enrolling in Experience Academy, our team will provide you with content, videos, blueprints, templates, and proven strategies to make your business one of the world’s most customer and employee-centric companies.

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Michel Falcon, Founder


Spencer Toth, Marketing Coordinator & Customer Support