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For me, Simon Sinek was the first person to popularize the why theory. Why is it that we do what we do? While most companies tireless promote what they do, and how they do it, Simon introduced us to a new way of thinking. Reading Simon’s book, Start with Why, completely changed the way I view business and relationships.

Today, as we launch Experience Academy, after six months of speaking to customers, strategizing, and building, we remind ourselves why we built this product.

Our why is to provide companies around the world the ability to operate for the next 100 years. How we do this is by delivering education they have never seen before. What we do is tirelessly focus on creating world-class knowledge on how to create stronger relationships with your customers and employees.

We would be overextending ourselves if we said we are trying to change the world; we believe that’s more closely aligned with philanthropy. Instead, Experience Academy is the platform that will help your organization create and refine the level of service you deliver to your customers and employees, allowing you to take your company to the next level.

Time and time again I see companies of all sizes, from all industries, strategize to improve their Marketing, PR, and Sales practices, while only advocating for customer experience from afar. However, advocating for something doesn’t create action. Designing an experience to strengthen the relationship you have with your customers and employees is similar to building a luxury car. You must meticulously plan, design, build, and investigate to get it right.

Something I’ve known for ages is that professionals understand that building stronger relationships with customers and employees is vitally important. We’ve even come to accept that there is a positive ROI associated with doing so. However, the missing link remains to be the lack of formal education. This was part of our motivation to create this six module course that will provide companies with a world-class education about customer and employee experience. It benefits many parties: the employee who is passionate about customer experience; the senior manager who is looking for new strategies to take their program to the next level; and the executive who wants to continuously improve the level of service delivered to their customers and employees.

For anyone who reads this, and considers enrolling and joining us, thank you for your interest and welcome to the Academy.

Michel Falcon 

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